We are Entrepreneurs Supporting Entrepreneurs

We empower entrepreneurs, invest in the impact of business support practitioners, build capacity for digital progression & promote social inclusion as key drivers for sustainable growth.

Creating a collaborative ecosystem

Across Africa, entrepreneurial action & innovative thinking are shaping a vibrant tapestry of dreams for solving local problems & creating a prosperous future for often-excluded communities.

The Entrepreneurial Planning Institute (EPI) celebrates this diversity & recognises that collaboration is needed to foster a nurturing ecosystem of entrepreneurial support to unlock the full potential.

The environment for African entrepreneurs can be challenging, but at the EPI, we collaborate with dedicated change-makers, conscious businesses, & development institutions to make a difference.

“The programme is very insightful & good for networking & collaborating with other entrepreneurs.”

Nkululeko Kushane
- Nkululeko Kushane

“I’m in complete awe, & I’m so grateful for the opportunity given to me… I’m truly grateful & happy to be part of this phenomenal platform.”

Neo Hassen
- Neo Hassen

Building a network of partners, practitioners & entrepreneurs

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